Emmett Williams is a world renowned artist who wanted to find a direct method to sell his prints and posters directly to fans all over the world.

With the help of the artist himself, we put together an E-commerce site which not only allows visitors to view his individual pieces, but also purchase them directly. We continue to support this site through management of their Google Pay Per Click campaign.

The site was built using the Wave Theme and uses the WooCommerce and PayPal platforms to enable the E-Commerce shopping capabilities. The Theme offered the artist around 90% of the look and feel that he was looking for to represent his art work. The remaining elements were coded into the site to 'tweak' the original design that enabled us to deliver the site at a highly cost effective price.

This particular customer has solid computer skills and with the help of a number of instructional videos that were created by the team at Duncan Web Management, the customer can now add products and make visual changes to the site quickly and easily.