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Crown Auto Sales and Finance has been servicing the Charlotte Market since 1989. The Crown Select Cars brand which has just been launched for the group and Duncan Web Management is proud to partner with Crown Auto Sales once more.

This dealership offers premium vehicles within a used car market. Focusing on vehicles from $18,000 - $38,000 Crown was looking for a slick modern look to represent their new brand, with strong visuals to differentiate their new brand. Mobile optimization was key to this development as over 60% of traffic on their existing site,, comes from those using mobile devices.

Duncan Web Management continues to support both the & websites with SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click advertising to support and drive traffic to the websites

Many Automotive Dealers utilize a Dealer Management System to control their inventory and send their vehicles to a multitude of different websites, as well as their own. To save car dealers updating their inventory on every platform that their inventory is shown, their Dealer Management software allows them to update in one location with the changes then being sent out to the other platforms.

To enable the website to also be able to take advantage of the automatic updates we had to establish a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) location and build a import template that adhered to the industry standards for vehicle imports. On a nightly basis the entire inventory is reconciled against the Dealer Management software, with sold vehicles being removed, prices being adjusted and new vehicles added automatically.