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Carolina Mobility Sales has locations throughout the South East and is one of the top Mobility vehicle suppliers in the country. was built with the mobile user in mind, as over 60% of their monthly visitors are accessing their site via a mobile device. It is a fully custom built site and integrates with the customers Dealer Management Software, with the capability to import and export their vehicle inventory on a daily basis.

Duncan Web Management continues to support the site with ongoing SEO. Since starting the campaign, we have seen a 20% growth of Organic Google traffic in only 90 days
Carolina Mobility Sales is one of the top Mobility vehicle providers in the country.

The company had been operating on a WordPress site for a number of years and decided to move up towards a fully custom coded solution which could incorporate a number of new features which better represented a business of their size.

From careful analysis of the Google Analytics Account we determined that a large percentage of the visitors to the existing website were accessing the site on a mobile platform (Cell Phones and Tablets), as a result we designed the interface to be as mobile friendly as possible and deliver a unique browsing experience. Naturally the site is fully dynamic and looks great on devices of all sizes.
Carolina Mobility Sales currently operates from 5 locations and they wanted an inventory solution which allowed them to be able to upload inventory for all locations and have them displayed in the one results page.

Inventory can be added manually, or alternatively it can be set up to automatically upload inventory on a daily basis from a feed created by their in-house Dealer Management Software. This automatic feed automatically classifies/categorizes and uploads all of the vehicle information and photos to the correct area. This feature saves huge amounts of time and effort

Carolina Mobility


June, 2014


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