WordPress Web Design

At Duncan Web Management we often use WordPress as a Content Management System. WordPress has been around for many years and provides a wonderfully flexible platform, capable of creating the vast majority of websites.

One of the big advantages of the WordPress Framework is the number of companies similar to ours that choose WP as the backbone of their sites. This created a massive following and support network of designers who are continually adding to, improving, and supporting the product. Due to its large following, a number of designers & developers have created what's called Themes, for purchase. Themes are basically a pre-created framework that allows us to drop in your companies personality into it, be it colors, design elements, content or images. These Themes also allow you to add and subtract a vast number of functions into your site with relative ease. Working with the WordPress Platform can allow us to deliver you a website, stuffed full of advanced functionality at the fraction of the cost of starting from scratch with a custom coded site. In fact, we often suggest to our customers that when starting a new online venture that they start off with a WordPress site until they are generating revenue prior to investing in a fully custom site.

Custom WordPress Design

There are a number of situations where using a WordPress Theme isn't possible, or suitable and for these situations we have the option to custom code a WordPress site from the ground up. Although this is a more expensive option, it results in a site with fewer allowances made compared to a pre-packaged Theme. These sites will generally have considerably less unused code as the site was only designed with one use in mind, this can make a big impact on not only the look and feel of the site, but the load time can be dramatically reduced as well which is key for sites with large traffic numbers.

We are regularly approached by businesses, of all shapes and sizes, who already have a professional design completed by a Graphic Designer. From here, we take the original files from the designer and then add the suitable code to ensure that the design can actually work as a website and then ensure that we can make the design look as good on a cell phone, as it does on a giant 28' computer monitor.

In addition to working solely on the look and feel of the site, we also have the capabilities to create unique features or functions of the site. This capability would be called on when we need a particular Contact Form, Download Section, Image Gallery, or video integration that isn't currently available, or that doesn't match the look and feel or the rest of the site.

Like so many things in business, it all comes down to the cost. Anything is possible, but does the required investment match the functionality and outcome of the final design

Custom Coded Websites

The 'Blank Page' approach is sometimes the only way to go...

We love WordPress, even this site is built on the WordPress Platform, however I would compare the WordPress CMS to that of a multitool. While incredibly powerful and useful, sometimes you just need a specialized tool for the job at hand. For situations like this, creating a site from the ground up is the only option.

When we consider a build of this type a huge amount of time has to be spent by both the client and Project Manager to ensure that every feature, function, interaction and eventuality has been fully mapped out and considered prior to us even starting on the build process. While this sounds like a huge amount of work, the end results can be nothing short of spectacular. If you can dream it, we can build it.

We always partner with other companies to undertake projects that fit this description. In the same way that your Family Doctor has extensive training, education and experience in all areas of medicine, they will often refer you to a specialist. There are similar sets of advanced expertise within the Web Development world, and it is these experts that we often call on to tackle certain elements of the build. Many years of experience and relationship building place Duncan Web Management in a unique position of having the access and attention of many leaders in their field